Video has become an essential part of telling a brand or business story in the past few years. As production costs come down and platforms adapt to disseminate video content more easily, it has never been easier or more important to include video in your company or brand's marketing strategy.
In recent years I have adapted my photography and lighting skills to include video and dynamic story telling, investing in quality audio and lighting equipment, new technologies such as drones and gimbals, that now enable me to react quickly to a marketing or content departments ideas and investments.
My services now span the entire range of creative production and in the case of video often include everything from storyboarding and script writing to audio recording (including podcasting), colour grading and video editing.
Please enjoy the samples of recent video I have produced but alone and in collaboration with other skilled creators in the past and if you would like to enquire about how video can help your brands tell it's story of just communicate a particular message, do get in touch. I look forward to hearing your ideas and beginning the conversation.
Campaign: Breadtime Stories  |  Client: The Pavilion, Ballygarvan

Breadtime Stories — The Pavilion, Ballygavan

This video was part of a campaign to promote the introduction of a new in house bakery at The Pavilion Garden Centre in Ballygarvan. The brief was to tell the story of why having the bakery in-house was important to their farm to fork and seasonal food ethos. Shot over the course of an entire day the video follows the work of Dave the master baker as he prepares and bakes the days loaves, highlighting the time and skill involved in producing quality artisan bread. As well as a long form video, this project also included short form re-edits for social media and photography .
Campaign: Tramore Valley Park Walkway  |  Client: Pavilion Landscapes
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