Darren Forde is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience in Commercial, PR, Advertising and Portrait Photography. He has worked in and with a wide range of businesses, agencies, people, locations and cultures and brings this experience as well as his ideas and creativity to every shoot.
Today more than ever, image is a truly powerful medium in the commercial arena, from the large multinational to the stand alone private or social entrepreneur, it allows a client's 'message', Brand or event be communicated to the highest professional standard.
Darren has a unique understanding of the commercial needs of businesses and the many mediums through which marketing professionals communicate today.
His work has taken him around the world, honing his passion for the art and developing his personal interests which include the environment, energy and the marine, biodiversity and the natural sciences as well as design and architecture.
Experience in many different working environments has led to an ability to deliver on a wide range of assignments.
For more information on Darren's work, or to get in touch regarding an assignment or booking, click here.
Clients include:
Corporate — Multinational — Semi-state — Private — Events — Media
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